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Accessories for CO2-Laser Cutting Systems

 M50-3084718  Keller UNI-STAR XVT fume extraction system

 M20-5115112A  Precitec Adjusting Unit 492-X.300 for Lasermatic Systems

 M20-5115112B  Precitec adjusting unit

 M20-5115113  Kugler Telescope for High Power CO2-Laser

 M20-5115113A  Copper Mirror Set for Trumpf L3003 Beam Expanding Telescope

 M20-5115114  Precitec Preamplifier 492-X.270 for Lasermatic Systems

 M20-5115114A  Precitec Lens Cooler 492-X.910 for Lasermatic Systems

 M20-5115117  V&S (Umicore) Variable Beam Expansion Telescope BE 2.5/150

 C50-5115140  Leybold vacuum pump SV 1000

 M20-7106180  KFG 1.1 Complete Focusing Unit for Lenses with 1,1
KFG 1.1 Complete Focusing Unit for Lenses with 1,1" Ø and focal length 1,5-2-2,5-3,75-5". Lens mount for lenses with 1,1” Ø, any thickness, water cooled, process gas nozzle, connectors for 6 mm plastic hoses for water and process gas. Clamping flange connects to FT150/FT200 connection tubes and VT115/60 height adjustable tube. Material AlMgSi, black anodized. Suits CO2-lasers, YAG- and other lasers with the appropriate lenses. Total price without lens € 700,-. Low Cost Beam Handling Components - Modular System: KR 2.06 Nozzle extension for 7,5" FL € 80,-, KR 2.06 x2 Nozzle extension for 7,5" and 10“ FL € 160,-. Nozzle extensions 13, 25 and 51 mm prices on request. VT 115/60 Height Adjustable Tube for coarse and fine setting of nozzle distance, matches clamping flange of KFG 1.1 and SU 30/50 Mirror Mount. Basic Length 115 mm adjusting range 60 mm. € 350,-, FT 150 Connecting Tube 50 mm Ø x 150 mm length, fits 50 mm clamping flange of KFG 1.1 and SU 30/50, connects to VT115/60, VT 120/60 with 50 mm Ø clamping flange € 90,-, FT 200 Connecting Tube 50 mm Ø 200 mm lengths, as FT 150 € 120,-, T 40 Beam tube 50 mm Ø, AlMgSi, black anodized, length 40 mm € 25,-,T 50 Beam tube 50 mm Ø, AlMgSi, black anodized, length 50 mm € 30,-, T 60 Beam tube 50 mm Ø, AlMgSi, black anodized, length 60 mm € 35,-, SU 30/50 90°-Deflection Mirror Mount, water cooled, adjustable mirror holder, clamping flange for 50 mm tubes on both sides, adaptor rings for mirrors 1.5"/1.75"/2.0" diameter, 5 mm thick, free aperture >30 mm, material: AlMgSi, black anodized. Can be used for phase shift mirrors because it mounts at any angle. ELB-Offer M20-6116063, price without mirror € 350,-, Optics from US/European Manufacturers.

Price: 700,00 €

 M50-8036229  Keller UNISTAR XM-SL Fume Extraction with Dust Filter

 M20-9046347  Trumpf Complete Vertical Z-axis

 M10-9046348  Trumpf L5000 set of drives for 3D-cutting machine

 M50-9046363  Guentner GAH 90A/2E evaporator

 M20-9076387  beam switch for high power - CO2- or YAG-laser 0°/90°

 M21-9116402  Precitec EG 315 Adjustment unit

 M20-1016569  Precitec EG 315-2.100 Adjusting unit

 M20-1036587  Precitec Z-axis with focussing