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Optical Equipment, Laser Accessories

 T51-9101454  Tropel 280 beam expander telescope

 T11-2091847  Broad band laser power meter

 T52-3062172  Infra-red temperature power meter TMR S95-1

 C11-4072340  AO Q-switch cell f. Control laser 109H

 C10-5012461  Cu-mirror

 C10-5012461A  Cu-mirror, used

 C10-5012462  Brass mirror 50 mm

 C10-5012462A  Brass mirror 50 mm 2 pcs

 C80-5012464  KCI-window (Korth)

 C80-5012464A  KCI-window (Korth) 20 pieces

 S20-6042715  Open Loop Scanner

 S20-6042716  Magnetic Shutter

 S20-6042717  Shutter for beam chopping

 M21-6062781  GS AE 850/1 driver card

 C13-6122882  Nd:YAG-rod Litton

 T30-7062943  Maurer infra-red radiation pyrometer

 C13-7042987  Intra-Cavity frequency doubler

 C11-8043105  Tuning wedge f. Spectra 375 dye laser

 C11-8043123  Spectra Physics 342-01 mode lock assembly

 T51-8043134  Color filter 488,0 nm

 T51-8043135  Color filter 646,8 nm

 T11-8073171  Thermical sensor, broad band

 C13-8083183  Nd:YAG-rod (Quantronix 114)

 T20-8083192A  Oriel 77400 spectrograph

 T53-8073200  GS CCX 101 scanner driver

 T53-8073200A  GS CCX 650 scanner driver

 C11-4044148  Quantronix 301/303/331 Q-switch

 C10-0014155  HR-mirror with HR 1064/AR 532

 C13-0014156  Intracavity frequency doubler unit

 T11-0074207  Haas EMDC 86 energy power meter

 M30-0094249  Mini CCD-video camera

 C11-0104266  301-14 Q-switch for Quantronix 114 laser

 T11-2024288  Haas energy power meter

 T52-1104342  Honeycomb bread board Oriel

 T11-1054365  Thermical sensor from Spectra Physics SP 971

 T53-1094395  Acousto-optical modulator ISOMET

 C11-2044497  Q-Switch Control laser

 C11-2044501  Q-Switch Driver Control Laser CL-4

 T30-3014625  Incision Lasertec plasma monitor

  T30-3044666  Intra Action ME-40 R driver

 T30-3044667  Baasel pulse plug-in for controlling

 C13-3094733  Nd:Glass rod for welding laser (Haas)

 M21-3104765  Shutter with beam dumping

 M21-3104766  Shutter with beam dumping

 T51-3124815  Nd:YAG beam expander

 T11-4024849  Scientec 36-0001 Thermal sensor

 C13-4114995  Nd:YAG-rod, 3 mm diam. x 104 mm

 C13-4114996  Nd:YAG-rod, 4 mm diam. x 150 mm

 C13-4114997  Nd:YAG-rod, 6,3 mm diam. x 104 mm

 M21-6035157  General Scanning G 325 DT Galvanometer

 M21-6035158  General Scanning G 350 DT Galvanometer

 M21-6035159  XY-Deflection Unit with 2 pc G 325 DT

 M21-6035160  Control Electronics for XY-Deflection Unit

 M21-8066273  2D-Beam Deflection System with 15 mm aperture

 M20-8086278  Mini-Beam Foldingmirrorblock

 T11-9126407  LIBS Proscan Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometer

 T51-1046487  LINOS Telecentric UV-F-Theta Lens

 T51-1046488  LINOS UV Beam Expander

 T51-1046489  Sill Telecentric Lens

 M21-1046490  Scanlab hurry SCAN II 10

 T51-1046491  F-Theta ZnSe telecentric scan lens

 T11-1046492  Ophir 150 C-A-.1-C Broadband-Sensor

 T11-1046493  Gentec UP19K-15S-H9-SM CO2 Broadband-Sensor

 T51-1046500  Intereference filter

 M51-1076531  UV-protective window for F-Theta lens

 M22-1126695  Keyence light barriers, mounted

 M21-1126696  Baasel Power Shutter 20000-595 FA 75510

 C11-1126697  IntraAction AOM-40-R

 M21-1126698  Baasel Power Shutter 10000-401with control LED

 T30-2066741  Maurer TMRS 95 type ETBZ