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Peripherals f. Material Proc.Systems, Coord.Tables

 M10-3052188  Precision XY-coordinate table Kensington

 M10-3102226  Raytheon XY-table

 M21-8063139  Galvanometer deflection unit

 M21-8073200A  General Scanning G100PDT galvo scanner

 M10-1094446  Aerotech UNIDEX control unit

 M10-2044490  Föhrenbach precision XY-table 25x25

 M10-2044490A  Föhrenbach precision XY-table 50x50

 M10-2044491  Föhrenbach precision XY-table 25x25

 M10-2044491A  Föhrenbach precision XY-table 50x50

 M10-2044498  Precision XY-coordinate table Föhrenbach

 M20-2044499  Haas LLK 06/4m light fiber cable

 M20-2044501  Haas LLK 10/4m light fiber cable

 M21-2044505  Galvanometer beam deflection head

 M20-1124541  Synrad KL25-2,5-10,6 Galileo-telescope

 M20-1124542  USK 25 universal cutting head f. CO2-laser

 M21-3014611A  Scanlab RTC 2 interface card, additional card "Marking on the Fly"

 M10-3014612  Isel linear axes with step motors as XY-table

 M11-3064695  Mitsubishi FX-48MR SPS-control

 M50-3084718  Fume filter Keller UNI-STAR XVT

 M20-3104756  Weidmüller (Precitec) distance control system

 M20-4064891  Welding Focusing attachment for Haas LAY 75 Nd:YAG-laser

 M20-4104989  Lumonics LuxStar 2-Way Energy Share Unit

 M50-7065039  Müco DSM20 VA6500 auto transformer

 M20-5115112A  Precitec Adjusting Unit 492-X.300 for Lasermatic Systems

 M20-5115112B  Precitec adjusting unit 492-B320 for Lasermatic systems.

 M20-5115113  Kugler Telescope for High Pressure CO2-Laser

 M20-5115114  Precitec Preamplifier 492-X.270 for Lasermatic Systems

 M20-5115114A  Precitec Lens Cooler 492-X.910 for Lasermatic Systems

 M20-5115117  V&S (Umicore) Variable Beam Expansion Telescope BE 2.5/150

 M20-6015130  Focusing Optics for Nd:YAG-Laser

 M21-6035157  General Scanning G 325 DT Galvanometer

 M21-6035158  General Scanning G 350 DT Galvanometer

 M21-6035159  XY-Deflection Unit with 2 pc G 325 DT

 M21-6035160  Control Electronics for XY-Deflection Unit

 M21-6055193  Baasel XY-Deflection Head with F-Theta Lens and GSI 325 DT Galvos (2)

 M20-6076003  Lumonics Fibre Optic Cable FIB 1000 x 15 m

 M20-6076006  Zeiss SFS 10-5T Multiax Mirror Joint-Arm

 M21-6076016  General Scanning XY-Deflection Head 2100 M

 M20-6036017  Trumpf/Haas Fibre Optic Cable LLK-A-0,4 / 4 m

 M20-6036018  Trumpf/Haas Fibre Optic Cable LLK-A-0,6 / 10 m

 M20-6076023  Lumonics LuxStar Fibre Optic Cable, 5 m

 M20-6076024  Lumonics Share Box

 M20-6086041  Trumpf CO2-Laser - Beam Shutter with Beam Dump

 M20-6116063  90°-Deflection Mirror Mount, water cooled, adjustable

 M20-7016072  Arnold Robot Guidable Articulated Beam Delivery Arm for CO2-Laser up to 5 kW

 M20-7016072A  Arnold Robot Guidable Articulated Beam Delivery Arm for CO2-Laser up to 5 kW

 M10-7026076  CNC-welding/cutting system

 T51-7056089  F-Theta Lens Sill Optic 254B for 1064 nm

 M20-7076135  Precitec Focusing for CO2-Laser with Lasermatic Z-Axis

 M10-7076137  Precision XY-Table for Laser Processing

 M20-7086157  Welding Focusing Head Laser Cheval with CCD-Camera

 M20-7086157A  Welding Focusing Head Laser Cheval

 M20-7086158  Fibre Optic Cable Polyflex 600 µm, 5 m Length

 M20-7086160  HighYAG Fibre Optic Cable LLK

 M21-7086166  Raylase SP-ICE PC control board for scan head and laser control (XY, XYZ)

 M21-7086166A  Raylase Weldmark Basic 2.x laser marking software

 M21-7086166B  Raylase SP-ICE PC-control-board for scan head and laser control

 M20-7086178  HighYAG Fibre-Fibre Coupler Rofin - High YAG

 M20-7106180  KFG 1.1 Modular Focusing Unit for Lenses

 T51-7126181A  FE 2,5x Beam Expanding Telescope

 T51-7126181B  FE 4x Beam Expanding Telescope

 T51-7126181C  FE 5x Beam Expanding Telescope

 M21-7126210  Scanlab SK1010 galvanometer deflection head

 M21-8066273  2D-Beam Deflection System with 15 mm aperture

 M21-8076277  Scanlab SK1010 Galvanometer beam deflection head

 M20-8086278  Mini-Beam Foldingmirrorblock

 M21-9036322  Baasel, analog X4-Galvo XY-deflection unit

 M21-9026329  Scanlab SK1010 galvanometer

 M21-9026330  Scanlab SK1014 galvanometer

 M51-9036342  Protective window for Nd:YAG-laser

 M20-9046347  Trumpf Complete Vertical Z-axis

 M10-9046348  Trumpf L5000 set of drives for 3D-cutting machine

 T51-9076379  Rodenstock F-theta Ronar scanning lens

 M20-9076387  Beam switch for high power- CO2- or YAG-laser 0°/90°

 M20-9076388  Kugler LK 3/99/012 welding focusing with off-axis parabolic mirror

 M20-9076389  90°- deflection mirror block

 M21-9116402  Precitec EG 315 Adjustment unit

 M20-1026430  Trumpf/Haas LLK-A-04/10

 M20-1026434  Laser Mech focussing head for powder deposition with CO2-Laser up to 6kW

 M20-1026436  Lens extension cone for powder deposition

 T51-1046487  LINOS Telecentric UV F-Theta Lens

 T51-1046488  LINOS UV Beam Expander

 M21-1046490  Scanlab hurry SCAN II 10

 T51-1046491  F-Theta ZnSe telecentric scan lens

 M20-1046494  ART-PHOTONICS EF-NIR 400 HPC light cable

 M20-1046495  ART PHOTONICS EF-NIR 600 HPC light cable

 M21-1046496  Raylase RLA 1004 XY- Scanhead

 M10-1056519  Precision coordinate table for laser processing

 M20-1056520  Lasag BAK processing head for Nd: YAG-laser

 M20-1106553  Permanova/Rofin WTST Welding tool with Seam Tracking

 M20-1116557  Rofin/Optoskand QBH Fibre Optic Cable

 M20-1016569  Precitec EG 315-2.100 Adjusting unit

 M20-1036587  Precitec Z-axis with focussing

 M20-1036596  Haas LLK-S04/8 fiber optic cable

 M20-1036597  Philips laser optic cable 04/9.8

 P41-1106660  Vacuum chamber with quartz window

 M10-1106662  Isotec XY-Coordinate table

 M20-1116673  Rofin fiber optic cable with QBH-plugsystem

 M22-1126694  SWEP 10011-020 Heat Exchanger

 M22-1126695  Keyence light barriers, mounted

 M21-1126696  Baasel Power Shutter 20000-595 FA 75510

 C11-1126697  IntraAction AOM-40-R

 M21-1126698  Baasel Power Shutter 10000-401with control LED