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Accessories for YAG-Marking Systems

 M21-3102232  Galvanometer deflection unit

 M21-8063139  Galvanometer deflection unit

 M21-8073200A  General Scanning G100 PDT galvo scanner

 C11-4044148  Quantronix 301/303/331 Q-switch

 C11-0104266  301-14 Q-Switch

 C11-6044496  Acousto-optic Q-Switch QS27-3SN, 27 MHz

 C11-2044497  Q-Switch Control Laser

 C11-2044501  Q-Switch Driver Control Laser

 M21-2044505  Galvanometer beam deflection head

 M21-3014611A  Scanlab RTC 2 interface card, additional card "Marking on the Fly"

 T51-3124815  Nd:YAG beam expander

 M21-6015148  Baasel Lasertech SSA 3003 Galvanometer XY-Amplifier

 M21-6015149  Baasel Lasertech Tele Video Terminal

 M21-6035157  General Scanning G 325 DT Galvanometer

 M21-6035158  General Scanning G 350 DT Galvanometer

 M21-6035159  XY-Deflection Unit with 2 pc G 325 DT

 M21-6035160  Control Electronics for XY-Deflection Unit

 C11-6035167  Acousto-optic Q-Switch QS27-2S-B-FO1, 27 MHz

 M21-6055193  Baasel XY-Deflection Head with F-Theta Lens and GSI 325 DT Galvos (2)

 M21-6076016  General Scanning XY-Deflection Head 2100 M

 T51-7056089  F-Theta Lens Sill Optic 254B for 1032 nm

 M21-7086166  Raylase SP-ICE PC Control Board for Scan Head and Laser Control (XY, XYZ)

 M21-7086166A  Raylase Weldmark Basic 2.x laser marking software

 M21-7086166B  Raylase SP-IC PC control board for scan head and laser control card with software

 T51-7126181A  FE 2.5x Beam Expanding Telescope

 T51-7126181B  FE 4x Beam Expanding Telescope

 T51-7126181C  FE 5x Beam Expanding Telescope

 M21-7126210  Scanlab SK1010 Galvanometer Deflection Head

 M21-8076277  Scanlab SK1010 Galvanometer beam deflection head

 M21-9036322  Baasel, analog X4-Galvo XY-deflection unit

 M21-9026329  Scanlab SK1010 galvanometer

 M21-9026330  Scanlab SK1014 galvanometer

 M51-9036342  Protective window for Nd:YAG-laser

 T51-9076379  Rodenstock F-theta Ronar scanning lens

 T51-1046487  LINOS Telecentric UV F-Theta Lens

 T51-1046488  LINOS UV Beam Expander

 M21-1046490  Scanlab hurry SCAN II 10

 T51-1046491  F-Theta ZnSe telecentric scan lens

 M21-1046496  Raylase RLA 1004 XY- Scanhead

 M51-1076528  Protective window for 190-532 nm

 M51-1076531  UV-protective window for F-Theta lens