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Accessories for Solid-State Lasers

 C13-0071448  YAG-rod

 M20-6012684  LASAG 90° deflection mirror block

 C70-7072975  Power supply f. Holobeam 600 YAG-laser

 M21-8063139  Galvanometer deflection unit

 C10-0014155  HR-mirror with HR 1064/AR 532

 C13-0014156  Intracavity frequency doubler unit

 M10-2044498  Precision XY-coordinate table

 M20-2044499  Haas LLK 06/4m light fiber cable

 M20-2044501  Haas LLK 10/4m light fiber cable

 C11-2044501  Q-switch driver Control Laser CL-4

 M20-4104989  Lumonics LuxStar 2-Way Energy Share Unit

 C11-5014994  LMI Model 1610-5-5 High Power Pump Cavity

 C13-4114995  Nd:YAG-rod, 3 mm diam. x 104 mm

 C13-4114996  Nd:YAG-rod, 4 mm diam. x 150 mm

 C13-4114997  Nd:YAG-rod 6,3 mm diam. x 104 mm

 M20-6015130  Focusing Optics for Nd:YAG-Laser

 M20-6036018  Trumpf/Haas Fibre Optic Cable LLK-A-0,6 / 10 m

 M20-6076023  Lumonics LuxStar Fibre Optic Cable, 5 m

 M20-6076024  Lumonics Share Box

 C11-6086042  Q-Switch Baasel AQS-244A incl. adjustable mount

 C11-6086043  QS-Driver Baasel model RFD 24, 24 MHz

 C11-6086044  Q-Switch Baasel AQS-244A and QS-Driver Baasel RFD 24

 M20-7086157  Welding Focusing Head Laser Cheval with CCD-Camera

 M20-7086157A  Welding Focusing Head Laser Cheval

 M20-7086158  Fibre Optic Cable Polyflex 600 µm, 5 m Length

 M20-7086160  HighYAG Fibre Optic Cable LLK

 M20-7086178  HighYAG fibre-fibre coupler Rofin - High YAG with SPS-module

 M20-7106180  KFG 1.1 Modular Focusing Unit for Lenses

 T51-7126181A  FE 2,5x Beam Expanding Telescope

 T51-7126181B  FE 4x Beam Expanding Telescope

 T51-7126181C  FE 5x Beam Expanding Telescope

 C70-8076276  Current Supply for Spectron SL902TQ Nd:YAG-laser

 M51-9036342  Protective window for Nd:YAG-laser

 C70-9126415  Spectron Laser CW60 A03 Current Source

 C70-9126416  Spectron CW40C1current supply

 C11-9126417  Spectron RF 80 driver

 L41-9126418  Spectron SL902 Nd: YAG-laser head

 M20-1026430  Trumpf/Haas LLK-A-04/10 fibre optic cable

 M20-1046494  Art Photonics EF-NIR 400 HPC light cable

 M20-1046495  ART PHOTONICS EF-NIR 600 HPC light cable

 M20-1056520  Lasag BAK processing head for Nd: YAG-laser

 M51-1076528  Protective window for 190-532 nm

 M20-1116557  Rofin/Optoskand QBH fibre optic cable

 M20-1036596  Haas LLK-S04/8 fiber optic cable

 M20-1116673  Rofin fiber optic cable with QBH-plugsystem

 M22-1126694  SWEP 10011-020 Heat Exchanger

 M21-1126696  Baasel Power Shutter 20000-595 FA 75510

 C11-1126697  IntraAction AOM-40-R

 M21-1126698  Baasel Power Shutter 10000-401with control LED