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Buying, selling, brokering, maintenance and repair of second hand laser systems, laser sources, laser accessories, plasma and waterjet cutting machines of any kind. We have the most extensive inventory list in Europe of second hand laser equipment for applications in industry, research and medicine.
Are you looking for a bargain machine with short delivery? Do you want to sell a no longer needed laser system fast, efficiently and at low cost? Are you looking for unbiased advise? Do you need technical support for a laser which is no longer serviced by the manufacturer because of its age or because the manufacturer has vanished? We are the experts for second hand lasers in Europe for over 15 years.

Second hand laser offers

TurboPlane Robots and Multi Axis Manipulation Systems with Direkt Drives

Linear and planar air bearing direct drives finally have found acceptance in many practical applications due to modern control techniques which are available now. We have been offering specific drive solutions for many years, especially for laser processing, but also for assembly, manipulation, quality assessment and measuring tasks.
TurboPlane direct drives offer exceptional position accuracy at high speed and acceleration, and are practically maintenance free. Their design is extremely simple and rugged, even at large areas of movement, and most important, the price/performance relation is unequaled. If your application is a non- contact one, that is not subject to external tool forces, and the above qualities of TurboPlane direct drives are appealing to you, we believe to be able to offer you an innovative solution for your manipulation or profiling system, which outperforms any conventional system because of its considerably higher overall efficiency.

Turbo Plane robots